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Letters of Thanks

Thank you Letters

My name is Ronald Smith, and my family is in need of help. I was referred Amiee with Veterans Outreach from the American Legion where she provided me with instant employment. Plus she helped us with rent. I was being served the eviction notice that day.  I am so thankful for the instant employment. Now I have a fresh start!


Ronald Smith


I am a veteran of the United States Navy. With the assistance of Veterans Outreach I was able to purchase food for my family of 6.

Thank you!


Kenneth Rose


Thank you Veterans Outreach for the rent assistance of 400$

Derek Ramer


To Veterans Outreach:


Thank you for your HELP in turning the power back on for myself and two young girls. It amazes me the amount of time you put in each and every day in order to help make our lives so much better.


With love and respect,

The Wormack Family


To Veterans Outreach,


My name is Don Haire I was stranded in Mineral Wells lost as my cash, my wallet was taken, my account drained. I live in Midland Texas and I am a disabled Veteran, unable to walk due to service-connected injuries, I found myself with quite a predicament! What I needed was a friend; I remembered one from the past who I hadn’t seen in awhile telling me about Veterans Outreach. I called and they were there, God Bless! I had no cash a surgery coming up, just one thing after another, Thank you Veterans Outreach for being there for me! I cannot express how grateful I am to you and your organization.


Don Haire

 From our recipient letters :

"Thank you for giving me a Job and a chance”

    “ We didn’t know what we were going to do, Thank You! “

          ”I am proud to be part of this organization and    thankful for the employment with it”

Patriot House-Bike Donation-2014

I apologize for not sooner telling you how completely wonderful you are and how much we appreciate the bicycles!~ I was hit with the flu and am so far behind, I am going slightly nuts!


To say you have given a remarkable gift is an understatement! The smiles you have generated stretch for miles! The knowledge that they are remembered for their service is an incredible gift for our Veterans and access to work and recreation is a gift beyond compare.


We truly appreciate these bikes !


Donald had his crab dinner! .... we had to run them to Dallas as he is in the hospital and will remain there until after the holidays! I am surprised you did not see the glow in the east! So incredibly kind!!!


Many thanks to each of you!!!


Harriet Willis

Volunteer Coordinator


p  817.632.7415

F  817.632.7453