Mission Statement

Our Mission:



Create. Assist. Respond. Empower.


Veterans Outreach is a Texas based organization which exists to Create employment and housing for veterans.

Assist displaced, disabled, and transitioning Veterans with integration from military life into civilian life. Providing a work/training environment with trainers/co-workers, Veteran peers as mentors and emotional support.

 Veterans Outreach provides comprehensive programs that exist to Respond to our nations heroes and address the Veterans issues in a Responsible, beneficial and healthy manner.

Our Goal is to Empower our veterans to be successful in their return to civilian life.


Organization Purpose:

Veterans deserve more than a hand to mouth existent. They deserve opportunity to exist as productive citizens.  They deserve safe living quarters, the opportunity to inhabit in a healthy environment. Veterans Community Outreach believes veterans are the reason Americans are able to raise their families and live in safe communities. We are a community-based organization geared towards doing what’s right in our communities for our nations heroes.  



2015 Goals:

Ø  Build more programs that deal with the complexities our veterans face.

Ø  Expand across the State of Texas and Oklahoma to provide more work and housing programs. 

Ø  Grow the existing Grand and Gift Card Program with capabilities to assist countless veterans monthly. 

Ø  Establish a peer referral network with existing Veterans Services to better serve our displaced Veterans. 

Ø  Create alliances with Veterans Counseling Services to refer our Veterans requesting therapeutic services. 

Ø  Acquire housing facilities to support our displaced Veterans during their transition from military to civilian life.